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Teeth Whitening

Just about everyone could use whiter teeth! Unfortunately, keeping our teeth their whitest is a lot harder than it sounds. With all the coffee, wine, smoking and other foods that can stain our teeth on a daily basis, even proper maintenance sometimes leaves them a little lackluster. Hills Dental teeth whitening is an excellent way to restore the natural color of your teeth or even make them whiter than your natural color if you would like.

To make your teeth look whiter, cleaner, and brighter, we use a special tray whitening system. This system has been shown to be more effective than whitening strips and other over-the-counter products. What’s more, the tray whitening system can be completed in only 2 steps.

Our first whitening step is to make an impression of your teeth. With this impression, we’ll craft custom whitening trays for you that you can use over and over. Finally, you’ll put the whitening gel in the tray and apply it to your teeth for a short period of time over a period of a few days. This often results in a whiter smile of 4 – 8 shades! You’ll have a brighter smile through a quick, convenient process that you can undertake in your own home.

Are you ready for the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted? Hills Dental is here to help! Don’t settle for over-the-counter trays that will lack a proper fit and maximum effectiveness. Contact us today to see if you’re a candidate for our customized whitening system.

Let us brighten your smile and your day!

Whether you’re a new or longtime patient, you can count on Hills Dental for safe, friendly, and quality service. Book an appointment with us today to recover or maintain oral health!