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Hills Dental. Changing Lives One Smile At A Time.

When it comes to oral care, you and your teeth deserve the best. That’s why The Hills Dental Care is happy to bring St. Louis a winning combination of quality treatment, affordability, and our famous friendly service.

The Hills Dental offers complete dental care for you and your whole family, including regular cleanings, braces, dental implants, teeth whitening, dentures, extractions, and host of other services. If your smile needs it, we can do it!

Dr. Erin Scimone leads the team at The Hills Dental and brings with her a reputation of compassion, knowledge, and excellence across a wide range of dentistry services.

No matter what your dental needs are or what your experiences with other clinics have been, here’s one thing our loyal patients can tell you: The Hills Dental will treat you and your smile with expertise and kindness. We put the “care” back in dental care for you and your family.

Why The Hills Dental Care?

Here are some great reasons!

Famous friendly care

Our patients aren’t just patients—they’re part of our dental family! You can expect to be treated with kindness & warmth.

Extensive line of dental services

From routine checkups to complex oral surgeries, Hills Dental can handle all your needs with trademark skill & knowledge.

State-of-the-art tech & facilities

Your safety and comfort are foremost on our mind. Dr. Scimone ensures that we use the best modern technology for you.

5-star smiles & reviews

Don’t take our word for it—our 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook attest to our satisfied patients’ smiles!

Our Dental Services

These are just some of our many services!

Our Patients

Every smile has a story!


Professional Dentists


Brighter Smiles




Cavities Fixed

Let us brighten your smile and your day!

Whether you’re a new or longtime patient, you can count on Hills Dental for safe, friendly, and quality service. Book an appointment with us today to recover or maintain oral health!