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Anxiolysis & Sedation

At Hills Dental, we strive to provide you with a comfortable and pain-free experience. Consider the following ways that we can assist you:

Anxiolysis (Reduce Anxiety)

Anxiolysis is a method to reduce anxiety using an oral medication such as valium or xanax. It is not as strong as oral conscious sedation, and is recommended for those with mild to moderate anxiety. You will remain conscious for your dental procedure, but any tension and anxiety will be reduced. You will be able to talk and breathe on your own during the procedure as well. What can be a nerve-racking experience for some morphs into a relaxing experience.

If you have been dreading having dental work done, call us to learn about our anxiety-free options for dentistry.

Experience Pain and Stress-Free Dentistry

 Your comfort and safety are always our priority at The Hills Dental Care. Inquire about anxiolysis or our other sedation options for your next appointment, and as always, let us know if you have any questions!

Let us brighten your smile and your day!

Whether you’re a new or longtime patient, you can count on Hills Dental for safe, friendly, and quality service. Book an appointment with us today to recover or maintain oral health!